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What we’ll need to do is add Razer to the allowed developers for kernel extensions — we’ll basically add the Razer ID (R2H967U8J8) to the list of allowed kernel extension developers. Boot into recovery mode (Restart your mac and hold … Continue reading

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Git tips

How do I discard changes in my working copy that are not in the index? git stash save –keep-index –include-untracked You don't need to include –include-untracked if you don't want to be thorough about it. or drop the stash git … Continue reading

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Xcode tips and ticks

Faster Testing When using TDD you can work more quickly by running a subset of tests – press ⌃⌥⌘G to re-run only your last test, or ⌘-click several tests to run only them. Opening Xcode If you’re in a folder … Continue reading

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iOS Grand Central Dispatch

GCD provides three main types of queues:  1.1 Main queue Main queue runs on the main thread and is a serial queue. This is a common choice to update the UI after completing work in a task on a … Continue reading

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How to generate **.cer** and **.p12** file for iOS push notification

Every time I created a new app with push notifications, iOS, I'm sure I've got everything right and then something refused to work. So this time I'm writing it down so I can't possibly get it wrong again.  Generally, … Continue reading

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