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How to upload an App with universal framework to AppStore?

Cocoapods is a popular dependencies management tool for iOS development. We notice that in Cocoapods-v1.3, the framework MUST include simulator (x86_64, i386) architectures, otherwise the pod spec lint will fail and the pod cannot be uploaded to Cocoapods server. It … Continue reading

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Cocoapod tips

check installed cocoapod plugin gem list –local | grep cocoapods create pod pod spec create POD_NAME Register an account by running the following, entering your full name and e-mail address: pod trunk register 'Full Name' create pod demo … Continue reading

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Hide implementation of swift framework when distributing

In this article, I will demonstrate how to create a Swift NiceLogger framework and push to Cocoapods without sharing source code. You can download the final project from NiceLogger 1. Create a Swift framework 1.1 Create a new framework project … Continue reading

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How to generate **.cer** and **.p12** file for iOS push notification

Every time I created a new app with push notifications, iOS, I'm sure I've got everything right and then something refused to work. So this time I'm writing it down so I can't possibly get it wrong again.  Generally, … Continue reading

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vi / vim 删除以及其它命令 Commands Comments dd 删除一行 d$ 删除以当前字符开始的一行字符 D 与d$同义 d 回车删除2行 ndd 删除以当前行开始的n行 dw 删除以当前字符开始的一个字 ndw 删除以当前字符开始的n个字 d) 删除到下一句的开始 d} 删除到下一段的开始 ndw 或 ndW 删除光标处开始及其后的 n-1 个字符。 d0 删至行首。 d$ 删至行尾。 ndd 删除当前行及其后 n-1 行。 x 或X … Continue reading

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Vim notes

Column selection: Ctrl + V Replace Replace all A with B %s/A/B Find in current line find < f< Remove content between 2 characters For example, remove the content between [ and ]: [routeName] {ExampleRoutes[routeName].name}</Text Vim commands(go to the beginning … Continue reading

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React Study

Learn Redux with Wesbos const router = ( ) render(router, document.getElementById(‘root’));

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