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gitsubree usage

Basic commands about subtree git subtree add –prefix=<prefix> <commit> git subtree add –prefix=<prefix> <repository> <ref> git subtree pull –prefix=<prefix> <repository> <ref> git subtree push –prefix=<prefix> <repository> <ref> git subtree merge –prefix=<prefix> <commit> git subtree split –prefix=<prefix> [OPTIONS] [<commit>] 1. Add … Continue reading

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Adding an existing project to GitHub using the command line

Create a new repository on GitHub. To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files. You can add these files after your project has been pushed to GitHub. Open Terminal. Change the current working … Continue reading

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git squash

1. Add a global “squash” alias from bash git config –global alias.squash ‘!f(){ git reset –soft HEAD~${1} && git commit –edit -m”$(git log –format=%B –reverse HEAD..HEAD@{1})”; };f’ 2. ~/.gitconfig should now contain this alias: [alias] squash = “!f(){ git reset … Continue reading

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