How to upload an App with universal framework to AppStore?

Cocoapods is a popular dependencies management tool for iOS development. We notice that in Cocoapods-v1.3, the framework MUST include simulator (x86_64, i386) architectures, otherwise the pod spec lint will fail and the pod cannot be uploaded to Cocoapods server. It shows error as follows:

xcodebuild: fatal error: lipo: -remove's specified would result in an empty fat file
xcodebuild: ld: warning: ld: warning: ignoring file SampleSDK/iOS/Sample.framework/Sample, missing required architecture x86_64 in file

Ref: Pod lint fails

BUT the Apps with framework including simulator architectures will not be accepted by AppStore.

The binary you uploaded was invalid
Unsupported Architecture. Your executable contains unsupported architecture '[x86_64, i386]

When we are trying to upload the App with architectures (x86_64, i386), it will show error as follows:

Generally if a framework including armv7,arm64 architectures only, the host App with the framework won't be installed in Simulators.

Achitecture Simulator Real Device Cocoapods AppStore

For simulator: x86_64/i386
For real device: armv7/arm64

So the ideal framework is a universal(x86_64/i386+armv7/arm64) one, the framework should be able to run in both simulator and real device, and also should be able to upload to AppStore.


The solution here is that we continue using universal framework. When archiving the host App, we remove the x86_64/i386 architectures in achieve/pre-actions, and restore x86_64/i386 architectures in achieve/post-actions.

Imaging we have a Cocoapods framework in our project. Usually the framework locates in


1. Add script to Archive: pre-actions

Please remember to replace the framework name with your own framework name

2. Add script to Archive: post-actions

Please remember to replace the framework name with your own framework name

3. Done

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2 Responses to How to upload an App with universal framework to AppStore?

  1. Bala says:

    Where should I post this Script? In Framework root or Application root?


  2. HardikVyas says:

    How can i get that framework created using this script as i want to create a library from that so.

    Please tell me how can i get that framework.


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