Cocoapod tips

check installed cocoapod plugin

gem list --local | grep cocoapods

create pod

pod spec create POD_NAME

Register an account by running the following, entering your full name and e-mail address:

pod trunk register 'Full Name' 

create pod demo

pod lib create SwiftKit
pod spec lint --verbose

pod trunk push SwiftKit.podspec

check pod info

you can use pod trunk info [pod] to get information on a pod and pod trunk me can be used to verify your local account.

pod trunk info RxSwift
pod trunk me

view trunk

pod trunk me

You can view your own registered information, including name, email, since, sessions, all Pods you submitted to Cocopods, etc.

Add more owners

You can add more owners to pod:

pod trunk add-owner crafttang


lipo is a usefull command, it is used to view framework's supported architectures, or merge/split framework.

1. -info

查看刚才编译的 Framework 库在 debug 和 release 下支持的框架:
$ lipo -info iddc-appstore.framework/iddc
Architectures in the fat file: iddc-appstore.framework/iddc are: armv7 arm64

15:50:02  ~/Downloads/lipo 
$ lipo -info iddc-universal.framework/iddc
Architectures in the fat file: iddc-universal.framework/iddc are: i386 armv7 x86_64 arm64

2. -create

上面生成的库,要么是只支持模拟器的,要么是只支持真机的,那么如何才能又能兼顾真机和模拟器呢? -create 使用方式:

lipo -create 库1 库2 -output 新库  

3. -thin

如果有一个 fat file 但是你不需要支持那么多框架,也可以通过拆分,为库瘦身, -thin 使用方式:

lipo 旧库 -thin 需拆分框架 -output 新库


一篇较为详细的 iOS动态静态库创建打包方法 总结


Pod lint fails when containing dynamic-frameworks without simulator architectures

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